Adding CBD to Coffee

Coffee shops around the world are thriving. Rather than just selling coffee and refreshments, these locations are becoming a popular place for people to work and relax. As people around the world become increasingly conscious about health and wellness routines, these locations offer healthier and more interesting food and drink options.

Adding CBD to Coffee: An Opportunity for Coffee Shops?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming incredibly popular in various countries around the world. As legislation and attitudes towards this hemp-derived product become more relaxed, it is now included within a range of food and drink products.

Could this be an interesting and potentially profitable opportunity for some coffee shops? Here’s a closer look.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 different cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid interacts with the endocannabinoid system that is found in every mammal. At this moment, many people theorize that CBD can help to establish balance within the endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate important bodily functions.

Research into the potential of CBD is ongoing, but the signs are bright. It currently helps many people around the world alleviate anxiety and manage their appetite. Of course, it does not offer the psychoactive side effects given that it does not include THC.

How Can CBD Be Added to Coffee?

Wholesale CBD is being offered by a huge range of companies around the world. These source products vary greatly in terms of quality, so it’s important that businesses are diligent when it comes to performing their research.

CBD is offered in a wide range of forms – whether that’s an isolate, oil, or a range of other options. It is very easy to add CBD oil to a range of foods and beverages (if some best practice steps are followed). Studies suggest that the benefits of CBD oil can be unlocked by ingesting those CBD-infused food items.

Some coffee shops in the UK currently offer CBD-infused beverages. Those locations simply add CBD oil to a regular coffee, offering a nice option for those people who like to incorporate CBD into their wellness routine.

Is CBD Legal?

Of course, businesses have to be careful when it comes to offering CBD-infused items. The legal status of CBD is a complex one and it varies according to where you are in the world.

It’s important that any businesses considering offering CBD-infused products is able to properly navigate the legal waters. They should work alongside the relevant lawyers and professionals to ensure that they are legally allowed to offer those products.

In the UK, at least, CBD can be offered as long as it is derived from EU-certified strains of hemp and it contains very low trace amounts of THC.

We are confident that as time continues to move forward and our understanding of CBD becomes more sophisticated, we will see a wide range of CBD-infused food and drink items offered in cafes and other locations.

The wellness trend will continue to grow in prominence and people will be thankful that these exciting products are available to them.

Source : firstplay